Welcome, parents! Please click on the link below to find out what your student needs for their fall/spring class and to place your order!

Class attire is encourages for ages 2-5, but is REQUIRED for all students ages 6 and up. All items will be delivered straight to your doorstep!!! 


Please make note of the COLOR of leotard/top, bottoms, and shoes for each class before purchasing!!! Please also make note of the "FIT AND SIZING" instructions when ordering dance shoes!
(Classes that require black leggings do not have to purchase the exact leggings from this website. If you already own black leggings or know of some elsewhere, feel free to buy them from there!)
Teeny Dance/Tumble: pink leotard and pink ballet shoes 
Tiny Dance: purple leotard, pink ballet shoes, & tan jazz shoes
Expressions: teal/mint leotard, pink ballet shoes, & tan jazz shoes
Beginner,Intermediate, & Advanced Ballet: black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes
Jazz/Hip Hop 1 & 2: purple top, black leggings, tan jazz shoes
Contemporary: mint leotard, black leggings, tan lyrical shoes 
ALL Tumble classes: black top; purple shorts, no shoes required
DAYCARE/OFF CAMPUS CLASSES: pink ballet shoes & tan jazz shoes (wear clothes you can move easily in to school on “dance/tumble days” 

CLASS ATTIRE LINK: https://www.discountdance.com/search/teacherid:142250?tp=142250

Thank you so much!